Maintenance Services

Our Maintenance Team

Works tirelessly to make sure our equipment is safe and operating at optimal performance. Both Ansonia, CT and Newburgh, NY terminals are well-staffed to maintain and service our vehicles. You can rest assured knowing that all of our equipment on the road is operating safely. In addition, our drivers perform their daily checks to be sure that they never go on the road not feeling 100% safe.

During the winter months, road conditions can be challenging. And it is also at this time that our customers need us the most. Coastal Carriers make every effort to provide timely service, no matter what the season. Our customers know that if we cannot get on the road because of road conditions, it is because it is not worth the risk to our drivers and the public. At the same time, these are rare instances, and typically, during this time, our customer satisfaction is at its best. Communication and efficiency assure our customers that we can get the job done.

Keeping our equipment clean is a reflection of the respect we have for our customers and our drivers. All trucks and tractors are regularly cleaned to keep the equipment in the best condition possible. This may not be a priority for some carriers, but at Coastal, we know better. When you see one of our trucks going down the road, you know we care about our business.

Ask any one of our drivers, and they will tell you that safe & clean equipment is why they love working for Coastal Carriers. They know that no other carrier cares for its vehicles as we do. And, for many new customers, it is the reason that we get that first phone call. Clean equipment makes a statement about the way we do business.

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